Gender Equality

Gender Equality

The SFB1381 undertakes various measures to promote equal opportunity for women and men.

In order to foster the career of young female researchers, the SFB 1381 offers

  • individual coaching for female junior researchers (PD Dr. Angelina Topan, Dr. Simone Cardoso de Oliveira)
  • workshops on presentation, voice training, gender sensitization etc.,
  • regularly meetings within the SFB in order to share experiences and give hints,
  • personal consultation at annual retreat and on-demand,
  • kite – the mentoring programme for female PhD students and Postdocs

The SFB 1381 also offers different measures to improve the compatibility of family and academic career:

  • Individual childcare solutions on evenings and weekends as well as during conferences organized by the SFB 1381
  • Babysitting/childcare during conferences, holidays of childcare facilities and sick leave
  • Family-friendly scheduling of meetings and seminars
  • kidsbox – box with toys for children in order to bridge childcare gaps, available at two sites within the SFB (Stefan-Meier-Str. and Schänzlestr.)
  • Student assistants who support parents and those caring for family members



Meet your coach! PD Dr. Angelina Topan, 14.9.2020

Women in STEM Virtual Meetup, Guest speaker Shawna Lucey, organized by Francesca Carlin, 30.9.2020

Online-Workshop “Vertikale Machtspiele im Medizin-Kontext – Workshop mit Dr. Peter Modler zum Arroganzprinzip”, 1.10.2020

Women in STEM Virtual Meetup, Guest speakers Lou Penicaud and Manika Arora, organized by Francesca Carlin, 28.10.2020

Workshop “Projektmanagement”, Dr. Michael Klingenberger, 20.11.2020

Women in STEM Virtual Meetup, organized by Francesca Carlin, 25.11.2020