Dynamic Organization of Cellular Protein Machineries: From Biogenesis and Modular Assembly to Function Research Program
Dynamic Organization of Cellular Protein Machineries: From Biogenesis and Modular Assembly to Function Projects

The Goal of the SFB 1381

The SFB 1381 investigates how different proteins are dynamically assembled into complex multimers, the so-called protein machineries, which play a central role e.g. in the energy metabolism of the cell, the replication, repair, and transcription of DNA, the folding and degradation of proteins, as well as the intra- and intercellular communication and transport processes. The focus of the SFB 1381 lies on the organization of these protein machineries in modular units, the regulation of their assembly and disassembly, and the impact of these processes on cellular functions.

The aim of the SFB 1381 is to define and understand the dynamic processes of the assembly and organization of cellular protein machineries, and to gain insight into the fundamental processes in a living cell.

Research Program


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