Asifa Akhtar on the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Jun 02, 2022

In an interview, Asifa Akhtar, SFB 1381 PI and Vice Speaker, talks about diversity in the Max Planck Society. In her position as Vice President of the Max Planck Society and head of the Max Planck Presidential Commission on Equal Opportunities, she stresses the importance of diversity and inclusion, not only when it comes to gender but also nationality and ethnicity.

In SFB 1381 we pay specific attention to these topics. We support (young) researchers from various backgrounds and nationalities and believe that equal opportunities for all profit not only the individual, but also our SFB. Thus, SFB 1381 undertakes various measures to promote equal opportunities for all (see for example “Gender Equality” on this homepage), thereby creating a welcoming atmosphere for all researchers joining our SFB.

Find the interview here.

Photo: © MPI of Immunbiology and Epigenetics / Rockoff