Hybrid Workshop for SFB 1381 PhD Students and Postdocs a Success

Dec 06, 2021

In Fall 2021, the SFB 1381 hybrid Workshop “Measuring Protein-Protein Interactions” took place. It was organized by SFB 1381 PIs Claudine Kraft, Chris Meisinger and Nora Vögtle and open to all SFB 1381 PhD students and Postdocs. Its purpose was to provide PhD students and Postdocs with two general assays which are useful for the study of protein-protein interactions independent of the organism or system the PhD students and Postdocs work with.

Due to the pandemic situation, the workshop took place in a hybrid format. While instructions were given via Zoom, the PhD students and Postdocs were provided with a tool kit so that they could perform experiments in their own labs to limit direct contact between participants.

The workshop started with an optional part on August 20th, 2021: instructions on how to clone favorite genes of interests into the yeast-two hybrid system and the E.coli expression system were provided. The participants then had time for individual cloning of proteins which they could use in the main workshop. Those who could not participate in the optional part were provided with example proteins.

The main workshop took place from October 22th to 29th, 2021. Every day, the participants took part in Zoom lectures, in which they were provided with instructions and could ask questions. Furthermore, information on possible assays for the study of protein-protein interactions was provided and disadvantages and advantages discussed. The participants could then do experiments with the provided tool kits – on their own and in their own labs. The workshop ended with a final discussion of the results.

The hybrid format was a great success and has proven to be a tool with which the quality of workshops can be ensured in times of the pandemic.