SFB 1381 Workshop “Basic Principles of Biostatistics”

Feb 16, 2022

The online workshop “Basic Principles of Biostatistics” with Dr. Maral Saadati, organized by SFB 1381, will be taking place


April 4 – 7, 2022 (Monday to Thursday)

Each day from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Online via Zoom


This course establishes a fundamental understanding of statistics for young researchers in life sciences. It clarifies basic concepts of statistics that are commonly encountered in scientific publications. The goal is to give participants a firm understanding of basic statistical concepts as well as to sensitize them to common errors and pitfalls.

Prerequisites: High school level mathematics, no particular statistical knowledge required.

Course Contents:

  • Fundamentals and descriptive statistics:
    • Measures of location, measures of variation
    • Biological vs. technical replicates
  • Distribution and quantiles:
    • Normal and t-distribution
  • Confidence intervals:
    • Standard error and statistical reasoning
    • How to construct a confidence interval for the mean
  • How to plot (and how not to plot) your data
  • The principles of statistical testing:
    • Hypothesis formulation
    • Types of errors and error probabilities
  • Statistical tests for quantitative variables:
    • t-test (paired vs. unpaired, one vs. two sample test)
    • One-sided vs. two-sided testing
  • Interpretation of p-values:
    • Statistical significance vs. biological relevance
    • Multiple testing, reporting bias, and other pitfalls
  • Evaluation of fold change data:
    • Transformation and data summarization
    • Testing and reporting of results
  • Experiment and study design:
    • Sample size calculation
    • Untangling relationship btw. power, type I error, and sample size
    • Multi-level data and sources of variation

Expected Outcome:
After the course the participants will have a solid understanding of basic statistical concepts used in scientific practice. They will know how to interpret and evaluate published results with a critical eye for common pitfalls and limitations.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email for registration to until March 23rd, 2022.