SFB 1381 Image Video now Online!

Jan 19, 2022

We are happy to announce the release of our SFB 1381 image video in which we want to give the public an insight into the work we do and what topics we consider especially important. The video can be accessed here and on the University of Freiburg’s Youtube Channel.

SFB 1381 speaker Chris Meisinger, Principal Investigator Thorsten Hugel (Project B07), Principal Investigator Valérie Hilgers (Project B02) and Associated Investigator and Young Investigator Grantee Laura Gámez-Díaz (YIG01) introduce their research to the public and explain the value of working together in SFB 1381.

Research on dynamic protein machineries not only helps to advance fundamental research, but with their research, PIS and AIs also help the fight against numerous diseases, as speaker Chris Meisinger explains. In the video, the audience is introduced to a number of research methods that over 70 researchers work on in SFB 1381’s 21 projects all over the city of Freiburg.

For SFB 1381, the support of female scientists and young researchers is especially important. Laura Gámez-Díaz shares how working in the SFB has enriched her career. Doctoral candidates and Postdoctoral researchers are given opportunities to advance their careers throughout their time at SFB 1381.

Everybody at SFB 1381 profits from and is keen on working together which also shows in the immense number of contributors to this image film and the hard work that was put into it.


Photo and Video Jürgen Gocke