SFB 1381 Workshop “Measuring Protein Interactions”

Jul 23, 2021

What? Hands-on two techniques to measure the direct interaction of two proteins of interest

Who? Suited for SFB 1381 doctoral candidates – Independent of organism, subject etc., suited for bacteria, yeast, plant, mammalian, etc.

When? The workshop will be held online from 22.10.2021-29.10.2021, part-time (+ one optional cloning introduction lecture 20.8.2021)

How? Instructions/lectures via Zoom, experiments in the home lab via a provided ‘kit’; Trouble-shooting with Meisinger/Vögtle/Kraft labs individually and directly

This workshop is intended to provide you with two general assays, which are useful for the study of protein-protein interactions independent of the organism or system you are working in. The lectures will furthermore cover other possible assays for the study of protein-protein interactions and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. The yeast-two hybrid assay to measure protein interactions of two proteins of interest.
  2. E.coli expression of proteins: for in vitro studies or also suitable to test protein-protein interactions.

If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail for registration until August 8th to