SFB 1381 Workshop on Complexome Profiling

Aug 18, 2021

csBNMS Workshop 2021


To promote actual application of complexome profiling within our SFB and to enable hands-on training in both the respective methodology, csBNMS, and the viewing/evaluation of complexome data a workshop will be offered by Z1 in collaboration with the Institute of Physiology:

(i)        on October 8 (9 am – 17 pm), Dr. Uwe Schulte will first give an updated introduction to the csBNMS approach and guide through the experimental key steps and reference protocols.  During the practical part, casting of preparative BN gels, sample preparation, BN gel loading, running and harvesting will be demonstrated in the laboratory.

(ii)     on October 11 (9 am – 12 pm), Prof. Bernd Fakler will present the newly developed viewer tool for exploring complexome profiling data. Using the recently established high-resolution complexome dataset from yeast mitochondria, individual functions of the viewer will be explained and applied together (participants should bring their own laptops), and the benefits and limitations of the csBNMS approach will be discussed.

We would like to encourage all SFB members (PIs, postdocs and PhD candidates), in particular from the projects who committed to perform csBNMS analysis during the first funding period, to participate and register in time (until October 5).

We will do our best to accommodate all applicants.

If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail for registration until October 5th to