International Symposium
March 9-11, 2022

We welcome you to the first international CRC 1381 symposium on “Dynamic Organization of Cellular Protein Machineries”.

The goal of the CRC is to better understand how protein machineries are assembled during biogenesis, how they are organized in modular (sub-)assemblies and how the dynamics in assembly and organization and their regulation are used for precise operation of cellular functions. Questions the CRC is addressing and which will be discussed at the meeting with leading scientists in the field.

At this symposium invited international speakers will present their work along with Freiburg researchers from the CRC 1381.
The symposium is free of charge, however, registration is required. Early-career scientists are especially encouraged to submit an abstract for the poster session.

We are very much looking forward to an inspiring meeting in Freiburg!

Please note: Due to the current situation and new regulations at our venue, the international symposium SFB 1381 “Dynamic Organization of Cellular Protein Machineries” has to take place online via Zoom. Please see below for the program (all times are Central European Time).

Keynote Speaker:

  • Roland LILL (Marburg)

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Nenad BAN (Zürich)
  • Peter BECKER (Munich)
  • Melanie BLOKESCH (Lausanne)
  • Ulrich BRANDT (Nijmegen/Cologne)
  • Ariane BRIEGEL (Leiden)
  • Bernd BUKAU (Heidelberg)
  • Sabrina BÜTTNER (Stockholm)
  • Elke DEUERLING (Konstanz)
  • Ivan ĐIKIC (Frankfurt)
  • David HASELBACH (Vienna/Freiburg)
  • Ramanujan HEGDE (Cambridge)
  • Ulrike KUTAY (Zürich)
  • Thomas MEIER (London)
  • Martin OTT (Stockholm)
  • Mike RYAN (Melbourne)
  • Irmgard SINNING (Heidelberg)
  • Anne SPANG (Basel)
  • Christian UNGERMANN (Osnabrück)
  • Einat ZALCKVAR (Rehovot)



Opening of the Meeting
01:45 pm
Dial-in Zoom
02:00 pm
Opening Remarks
Chris Meisinger
Session I: Protein Machineries in Proteinsynthesis and Quality Control I
Chair: Hans-Georg Koch
02:10 pm
Ivan Đikic
Endoplasmic reticulum remodelling via ER-phagy pathways
02:40 pm
Elke Deuerling
Mechanism of protein sensing and sorting at the ribosome
03:10 pm
Nora Vögtle
Cellular responses to mitochondrial proteotoxic stress
03:40 pm
Bernd Bukau
Mechanisms of co-translational protein folding and assembly
04:10 pm
Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture
Chair: Chris Meisinger
04:40 pm
Roland Lill
Biogenesis of iron-sulfur proteins in eukaryotes: Mitochondria, Mitosomes, Mechanisms and Maladies


Session II: Protein Machineries in Proteinsynthesis and Quality Control II
Chair: Matthias Boll
09:00 am
Ramanujan Hegde
Quality control during the assembly of protein complexes
09:30 am
Christian Ungermann
Mechanistic insights into endosomal maturation and organelle identity
10:00 am
Sabrina Büttner
Manganese-driven CoQ deficiency
10:30 am
Coffee Break
Session III: Protein Machineries in Proteinsynthesis and Quality Control III
Chair: Ralf Baumeister
11:00 am
Martin Ott
Organization and regulation of mitochondrial protein synthesis
11:30 am
Sabine Rospert
Ribosome-bound Get4/5 connects translation with the guided entry of tail-anchored proteins (GET) targeting pathway
12:00 pm
David Haselbach
Nuclear import of the mammalian 26S proteasome
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
Session IV: Protein Translocation Machineries
Chair: Thorsten Hugel
02:00 pm
Ulrike Kutay
Ribosome synthesis in human cells
02:30 pm
Chris Meisinger
Signal switches at the mitochondrial protein import machinery
03:00 pm
Anne Spang
FERARI and cargo adaptors regulate cargo flow in the endocytic system
03:30 pm
Coffee Break
Session V: Protein Machineries in Epigenetics
Chair: Annegret Wilde
04:00 pm
Peter Becker
Roles for Domino complexes in transcription regulation and the DNA damage response
04:30 pm
Eva Schäfer
Loss of Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 drives oncogenic signaling in leukemia
05:00 pm
Asifa Akhtar
MOF complexes: Epigenetics meets Metabolism


Session VI: Assembly of Respiratory Chain Complexes
Chair: Carola Hunte
09:00 am
Mike Ryan
New insights into complex IV assembly
09:30 am
Ulrich Brandt
Assembly and modular architecture of mitochondrial complex I
10:00 am
Thomas Meier
Dynamic structures of ATP synthases and their role as new drug targets against infectious diseases
10:30 am
Coffee Break
Young Researchers Session: Speakers invited by SFB1381 PhD students
Chair: Arpita Nandy (students representative)
11:00 am
Nenad Ban
Structural basis of protein synthesis and biogenesis in eukaryotes: from basic principles to translation in coronavirus infected cells
11:30 am
Einat Zalckvar
New concepts in protein targeting to peroxisomes - Being in the right place at the right time
12:00 pm
Laura Gámez-Díaz
Dynamics of LRBA machinery in autophagy and vesicle trafficking
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
Session VII: Protein Machineries in Proteinsynthesis and Quality Control IV
Chair: Maja Köhn
02:00 pm
Irmgard Sinning
Mechanisms of membrane protein biogenesis by the GET insertase complex
02:30 pm
Oliver Einsle
Tracing the machinery of cytochrome c maturases
03:00 pm
Flash talks
Ludovic Enkler
The small GTPase Arf1 regulates ATP synthesis and mitochondria homeostasis by modulating fatty acid metabolism
Martin Milanov
Adaptive remodeling of ribosome composition and function in response to metabolic changes and cellular stress
Lukas Brandherm
Interactions between the SARS-CoV-2 protein Orf9b and TOM70
Julia Schimpf
Understanding the assembly and directionality in the multi-component Hsp90 machinery by single molecule FRET
03:30 pm
Coffee Break
Session VIII: Dynamic Prokaryotic Protein Machineries
Chair: Wolfgang Schamel
04:00 pm
Melanie Blokesch
V. cholerae’s protein machines involved in horizontal gene transfer
04:30 pm
Ariane Briegel
Exploring the structure and function of microbial motility: chemotaxis and intermicrobial transport
05:00 pm
Sonja-Verena Albers
Structure and function of the archaellum, the archaeal motility structure
Closing Remarks
05:30 pm
Chris Meisinger

Scientific program committee

  • Asifa Akhtar
  • Sonja-Verena Albers
  • Oliver Einsle
  • Chris Meisinger
  • Sabine Rospert
  • Nora Vögtle

Symposium Online Registration

Registration for the symposium is required (free of charge). Registration deadline is extended. Please submit your registration until March 8, 2022.

Instead of a poster session, we will have flashlight talks. Please submit your abstract below until February 21, 2022.

Symposium Online Registration is closed


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